A Rotary Pop-up Shop for Christmas

Nov 2, 2021
Over £13,000 raised for charity

Taunton Rotary Club today opened a Pop-up Christmas shop in the vacated premises of the previous store, Topman in the centre of Taunton. The shop will sell a variety of bric-a-brac in the run up to the festive season, opening three days a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The opening ceremony attended by the Mayor of Taunton, Sue Lees, heralded the start of trading and a celebration of the hard work and commitment from all involved.

The shop is served by Rotary volunteers and Friends of Rotary who will ensure all visitors get a warm welcome. The Club hopes to help the public learn about the Rotary movement and encourage others to get involved in the Club’s many charitable activities and events. The shop hopes to host a Santa’s Grotto in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Don’t miss out, come along, find out more and keep up-to-date with rotary ativities.

The premises are provided free from the leaseholder, Taunton Heritage Trust who own and run a number of Alms houses throughout Taunton.

Partnership and collaboration feature highly as other voluntary sector partners join together to make use of this town centre venue. Action for Climate Change are also based temporarily in the shop to increase public awareness about the actions that individuals and organisations, both public and private can do.

If you want to volunteer as a Friend of Rotary to help out, then contact us through this website by logging your details as a Volunteer Sign-Up. Donations of items of bric-a-brac are welcome (no clothes).

Call in, find out more and take a look around. You never know, you may find a real treasure.

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